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Strategic Media Books’ titles have received numerous national awards and several film options. For book descriptions and information on ordering, please click on each cover.  ABOUT OUR BOOKS For   aficionados   of   true   crime,   you   will   want to    check    out    such    titles    as    Spook    War, Never       Charged,       Never       Convicted, Trafficantes,       Scapegoat,       and       Black Caesar , among many others.  Beyond     Reasonable     Doubt,      written     by internationally   acclaimed   JFK   researchers Mel Ayton   and   David   Von   Pein,   will   appeal to   history   and   political   buffs,   as   it   presents new    evidence    in    the    John    F.    Kennedy assassination. For    sports    fans,    Tarnished    Heels:    How unethical   actions   and   deliberate   deceit   at the    University    of    North    Carolina    ended “The Carolina Way”,  is a must read. Patriot   Priest :   The   Biography   of   Monsignor William    A.    Hemmick ,    written    by    Patricia Daly-Lipe,    is    a    remarkable    tale    of    the author’s   great   uncle   whose   extraordinary experiences   over   several   epochs   gives   the reader    a    new    personal    perspective    on history   from   WWI   and   WWII   to   the   post- war   era   of   the   '50s   and   60s.   During   his long    life,    Msgr.    Hemmick    interacted    with some       of       the       most       extraordinary intellectuals    of    modern    times,    including Pope    Pius    X,    Pope    Benedict    XV,    Pope Pius    XI,    Pope    Pius    XII,    Marshall    Foch, artist   Simon   Elwes,   Sir   Shane   Leslie,   F. Scott     Fitzgerald     (who     was     once     his student)    and    so    many    other    notables    of that    era,    and    brought    his    considerable influence    to    several    pivotal    moments    in world   history,   from   World   Wars   I   and   II   to issues during the Cold War. For   readers   who   are   interested   in   regional subjects,    you    will    find    Wild    Times    on Skidaway   Island,    with   its   beautiful   photos, of particular interest. Readers   with   an   interest   in   business   will find   Never   Try   to   Drink   a   Chinese   Woman under    the    Table    –    Plus    other    Fun    and Practical      Tips       both      informative      and amusing. And   for   fiction   lovers,   you   won’t   want   to miss   The   Gospel   According   to   Prissy, with its    touch    of    the    “unexplained,”     Troubled Water,   the   third   book   in   the   Lark   Chadwick mystery   series,   and   Kidnapped   in   Gaza,   full of international intrigue . The   first   of   our   2015   titles   have   already been   released,   so   check   back   regularly   for updates.
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