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Liberating Iraq
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The Untold Story of The Assyrian Christians
Liberating Iraq is the story of the Iraqi war based on the author’s own personal insights as an Assyrian Christian over a period of several years. Amir George, the author, drew his insights from meetings with the Iraqi Prime Minister President, Vice President, Foreign Minister; top US and international officials, and the Iraqi people themselves. George reveals what happened to the weapons of mass destruction and tells of the horrors experienced by those who worked for the Iraqi government and who lived under the brutal Saddam Hussein regime. Liberating Iraq describes the days leading up to the war, the first relief convoy to cross the border into Iraq following the war, and the tremendous success of the nearly 400,000 Americans who fanned out across Iraq and saved the nation, although, today, the country is on the verge of seeing that success lost. George, moreover, chronicles the story of the Assyrian Christian community whose suffering and hardships are the result of the Iraq War, He shows that the plight of the Assyrians is arguably the greatest tragedy of the Iraq war, as well as a terrible omen for the Middle East’s future. The message–The Assyrians still struggle and suffer in today’s Iraq. So the world must turn its eyes to and raise its voice for the protection and sustainment of this, the world’s oldest continuing Christian community. As Lieutenant General Jay Garner, U.S. Army Retired, explains in the book’s Foreword, “Amir George has written a scholarly, poignant and personal journey of his time with the Assyrian Christians during the build-up to the Iraqi war, the nine-year conflict, and the U.S. withdrawal. He exposes the all-but-invisible plight of these Christians in the country they began.” What People Are Saying “Liberating Iraq tells the “other side” of the story– how the nearly 500,000 Americans who served in Iraq touched a country and changed it for good. In addition, it tells the story of the Assyrian Christians who are in peril as the “victory” in Iraq has been squandered. What has particularly touched me is finally being able to say “thank you” to the families of the nearly 4,500 who gave their lives so that Iraq could be free. ~Pat Boone, American Singer, Actor, and Writer “Amir George has written a thought-provoking book that reveals the plight of the Assyrian Christians in Iraq not only throughout history, but in the wake of Iraq’s liberation as well. As he poignantly reveals, all must work hard for the Assyrian Christians of Iraq to keep them safe in their Cradle of Civilization. Otherwise it will be a great loss.” ~Gewargis Sliwa, Metropolitan of Iraq and Russia, For the Assyrian Church of the East
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