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Kathryn Kelly
The Moll Behind “Machine Gun” Kelly
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The 1930’s produced some of the most violent crimes known in the history of the United States. Fed by need and greed, some of the notorious criminals included women, one of which became a legend in her own right for establishing the feared persona of her husband—Machine Gun Kelly. Her name:  Kathryn. About the Author Barbara   Casey   is   the   author   of   several   award-winning   novels   and   numerous   articles,   poems,   and   short   stories.      In   addition   to her   own   writing,   she   is   an   editorial   consultant   and   president   of   the   Barbara   Casey   Agency,   established   in   1995,   representing authors   throughout   the   United   States,   Great   Britain,   Canada,   and   Japan.   In   2014   Barbara   became   a   partner   in   Strategic   Media Books   Publishing,   an   independent   publishing   house   that   specializes   in   true   crime   and   other   cutting-edge   adult   nonfiction. Barbara lives on a mountain in Georgia with her husband and two dogs: Benton, a hound-mix, and Fitz, a miniature dachshund. What People Are Saying Barbara   Casey   illuminates   one   of   the   most   colorful   characters   of   an   era   filled   with   them:   “Machine   Gun”   Kelly’s   better   half, Kathryn.   This   exciting,   fast-paced   account   makes   the   strong   case   that   the   hoodlum’s   wife   was   the   true   mastermind   of   the   duo. By   giving   him   a Tommy   gun   and   egging   him   on   to   ever   daring   crimes,   Kathryn   Kelly   propelled   her   husband   to   legendary   status. In   the   process,   she   became   a   Depression-era   mythmaker   for   a   public   enthralled   by   antiheroes.   This   sharpshooting,   cop- slapping   daughter   of   a   bootlegging   family   clearly   relished   the   thrill   and   glamor   of   gangster   life.   Readers   will   love   the   bumpy ride.  ~ Carl Russo, author of The Sicilian Mafia: A True Crime Travel Guide *** Gangsterism   seemed   to   be   a   male-dominated   phenomenon   -   well,   truth   be   told,   there   existed   some   genuinely   nefarious   female characters   in   the   high   drama   of   underworld   theater.      Barbara   Casey   delivers   an   eye-opening,   myth-busting,   stereotype- shattering   history   of   Gangsterdom's   most   nefarious   female   -   Kathryn   Kelly.   In   mesmerizing   detail,   Barbara   Casey   explores   the ironic,   bizarre   and   often-tragic   persona   of   a   genuine   master   manipulator,   and   perhaps   the   most   sinister   woman   from   the   golden era of outlaws and organized crime.  ~ Christian Cipollini, author of Murder Inc.: Mysteries of the Most Deadly Hit Squad *** A superb account of the woman who literally put the machine gun in “Machine Gun” Kelly’s hands and created a legend. A MUST-READ!    ~ David Amoruso of Gangsters Inc. *** “Machine   Gun”   Kelly   made   national   news   in   1933   when   he   kidnapped   an   Oklahoma   oilman,   but   little   is   known   about   his   wife, Kathryn,   who   put   him   up   to   it.   Barbara   Casey   takes   care   of   that.   She   not   only   assembles   Kathryn's   history   from   genealogical sources   but   uses   FBI   documents,   newspaper   stories,   and   magazine   articles   to   track   the   unsavory   careers   of   her   and   her husband   from   their   criminal   backgrounds   through   the   front-page   kidnapping   case,   their   arrest   and   imprisonment,   and   their ultimate fates, which differ in curious ways that will fascinate readers to the end.  ~ William Helmer, Author, Al Capone and his American Boys: Memoirs of a Mobster's Wife