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The Provocative Odyssey of Jack Reed, Adventurer, Drug Smuggler and
Pilot Extraordinaire
Winner 2016 Hollywood Book Festival: Wild Card category;
Award Winner National Silver Medalist: True Crime category 2016 IPPY Book Awards; 
Honored   as   the   Award   Winning   Finalist   in   the   Biography :   Non   Fiction    category   of   the   2015   Readers'
Favorite   International   Book Awards ;   and   in   the   True   Crime :   Non   Fiction    category   of   the   2014   USA   Best
Book Awards .
Think all associates of Pablo Escobar were violent? Then you don’t know Jack!
Buccaneer    is   the   stimulating,   true   account   of   the   life    and   times   of   Jack   Reed,   an   All-American   boy   turned
drug   smuggler;   turned   Robinson   Crusoe,   then   prison   inmate.   For   the   first   time,   Jack   Reed   discloses   his
extraordinary,   tabooed   journey   as   a   high   flying   international   cocaine   smuggler   and   personal   pilot   for   Carlos
Lehder,   partner   to   Pablo   Escobar   of   the   Medellin   Cartel.   Reed   flew   drug   runs   for   Lehder   who   handled
transportation,    while    Colombian    drug    lord    Escobar    handled    production    and    supply.    Lehder's    cocaine  
transport   empire   was   based   at   Norman's   Cay,   an   out   island   in   the   Bahamas.   Having   gained   notoriety   in   the
late   70s   as   a   staging   point   for   drug    smuggling,   Norman's   Cay   was   immortalized   in   “Blow,”   a   2001   motion
picture starring Johnny Depp.  
Reed   lands   in   court   as   Lehder's   co-defendant   in   the   longest   running   drug   trial   in   U.S.   history. A   non-violent
offender,   Reed   becomes   the    victim   of   a   tragic   judicial   sentencing   mistake.   Tired   of   being   hounded   by
media,   Reed   denied   all   interviews   until   pilot/journalist   MayCay   Beeler   contacted   him   in   prison. At   that   time,
she had no idea she would become his coauthor and a character in his life story and twist-of-fate ending.  
"He   refused   to   talk   to   cops   and   press—until   me.   In   our   book,   which   was   a   collaborative   work   at   the   end   of
Reed's   life,   Reed   breaks   his   silence   about   his   alleged   role   in   Pablo   Escobar's   Medellin   Drug   Cartel   and   his
stunning   punishment   for   refusing   to   snitch   on   best   friend   Lehder   in   the   courtroom.   This   biography   features  
shocking   judicial   misconduct;   a   historic   drug   trial;   and   the   first   drug   lord   extradited   to   the   United   States.
Reed's controversial story will stun you. It has never been given to any other journalist." -MayCay Beeler.
Find    out    why    he    gave    it    up    to    Beeler    in    this    gripping    multi    award-winning    true    story.    Get    out    your
hankies—the   surprise   ending   will   make   you   weep   and   smile.   You   will   believe   in   destiny.   Fans   of   Netflix
Narcos   and   Cocaine   Cowboy   movies   may   be   surprised   by   this   bold   and   honest   personal   account.   Not   what
Media led us to believe.
About the Author
MayCay   Beeler   is   an   American   record-breaking   pilot,   award-winning   author   and   TV   personality.   As   a
veteran   TV   Host/Producer/Journalist,   she   has   worked   for   every   major   U.S.   Network   TV   affiliate   in   News
and   Entertainment   for   30   years   and   counting.   Beeler   has   appeared   in   and   written   thousands   of   broadcast
TV   news   reports,   shows,   features   and   commercials.   She   has   been   published   in   dozens   of   magazines.
Beeler   is   the   producer   of   the   documentary,   Return   to   Norman’s   Cay .   She   has   appeared   on   the   Biography
Channel’s Gangsters: America’s Most Evil.
PDF Version: USD $ 4.99