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An Unbelievable Life
The Woman Who Became Vietnam Veterans' Voice Against Agent Orange Post-Vietnam   War   Homefront,   Activism   and   Memoir:   a   unique   story   of   the   history   and   realities   of   the   Vietnam   War. Everyone   at   some   time   has   “wished”   to   change   or   impact   the   lives   of   millions,   but   thinks   he   or   she   lacks   the   power   or   the ability;   or   that   only   millionaires   can   afford   to   take   on   a   government.      The   concept   that   a   young   suburban   housewife, mother   and   coupon   queen   could   in   sheer   desperation   try   anything   to   save   the   lives   of   her   husband   and   their   son   from   the deadly   fate   of   dioxin   poisoning   was   absurd!     After   all,   she   had   nothing   more   than   a   way   with   words   and   an   inability   to   feel fear   in   taking   anyone   to   task   for   what   the   most   powerful   government   in   the   world   had   done   to   their   most   valued   citizens, their armed forces. That is what is detailed in this book. An   Unbelievable   Life   is   a   tribute   to   the   author’s   late   husband,   who   was   incredibly   special   and   important   although   very   few people   know   who   he   was   or   what   he   accomplished.      It   is   also   a   testament   to   those   brave   men,   women   and   children   who, with   nothing   other   than   anger   and   personal   dedication,   taught America   to   honor   the   Vietnam   Combat   Veterans   and   create new laws and treatment for those whose lives and progeny were destroyed by Agent Orange. Perhaps   the   greatest   purpose   served   by   the   book   is   to   teach   those   who   want   to   evoke   change,   but   fall   short   due   to   their own   self-doubt   or   feelings   of   powerlessness.   They   can   learn   that   armed   with   nothing   but   nerve,   creativity   and   even Cabbage   Patch   dolls   with   picket   signs,   people   can   make   a   difference   if   they   stay   focused   and   follow   through.      The author’s   style   of   writing   is   unusual   because   she   writes   as   if   you   are   an   old   friend   sitting   in   her   living   room.   Her   words   will make you think, laugh and cry. What People Are Saying “What   so   many   people   fail   to   recognize   is   how   much   of   a   serious   impact   the   Vietnam   War   had   on   the   FAMILIES   of   those who   served   there.   The   lingering   legacy   of   dioxin   is   something   Rena   Kopy   has   lived   with   her   entire   life   and   its   impact   has stretched   to   her   children.   Here   is   a   memoir   that   doesn’t   pull   any   punches   when   it   comes   to   the   reality   of   military   service families”. ~Lem Genovese – Retired Army/Guard veteran of Vietnam Nam and Desert Storm – Author of “The TUNESMITH CHRONICLES: A Musical History Tour”
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