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Dos Angeles
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Ever since he was forced off the LAPD for refusing to rat out a fellow officer Paco Moran has struggled to make a living as a reluctant private eye. That’s why he can’t pass up the promise of a big payday when a sketchy Hollywood producer hires him to find a beautiful young Latina on the run with a small fortune in cash. What Paco soon discovers is the stolen money really belongs to a notorious crime syndicate and he’ll be the fall guy if he doesn’t quickly find the girl and return the money. As the deadline approaches the half Mexican/half Anglo Moran finds himself on a frantic search through a shadowy place he calls Dos Angeles – a virtual separate country inside a city named for angels and filled with devils. About the Author Emmy nominee Michael O’Hara has produced more than 30 television movies and miniseries and written a string of critically acclaimed, top rated telefilms (including “Switched at Birth” and Murder in the Heartland.”) In addition he created two TV movie franchises – NBC’s highly successful ‘Moment of Truth,’ and ABC’s ‘Crimes of Passion.  A native of New York City O’Hara is also a former award-winning journalist and NBC Vice President of Media Relations He lives with his wife Doris in Malibu, California. What People Are Saying Paco Moran’s debut in Michael O'Hara's Dos Angeles is fast-paced, finely crafted, and full of surprises. It's noir fiction for the 21st century, a helluva ride from the first page to last. Here's hoping O'Hara brings Paco back very soon. I can't wait! -- Peter Quinn, Winner of The American Book Award for “Banished Children of Eve. *** A terrific first novel. It starts fast and keeps the surprises coming with a colorful cast of characters and more twists and turns than a high speed chase through the Hollywood hills. -- David Carson, Director, Star Trek: Generations *** Add Paco Moran to the honor roll of memorable LA detectives. Michael O’Hara has created a truly unique contemporary character and readers will be swept up in an entertaining tale with one final twist that cries out for a sequel. -- Ed Ames, Grammy-nominated recording artist and actor.
A Paco Moran Mystery
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