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Lord of the Skies
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The Story of AMADO CARRILLO FUENTES - Drug Kingpin
Amado   Carrillo   Fuentes ,    arguably   Mexico’s   biggest   drug   trafficker,   was   known   as   El   Señor   de Los   Cielos    (Lord   of   the   Skies)   and   he   pioneered   the   use   of   jumbo   jets   for   the   mass   distribution   of illicit   drugs   into   the   U.S.   He   seized   control   of   the   Juárez   Cartel   after   assassinating   his   boss   Rafael Aguilar   Guajardo.   He   died   in   July   1997   in   a   Mexican   hospital   after   undergoing   extensive   plastic surgery   to   change   his   appearance.   In   his   final   days   Carrillo   was   being   tracked   by   Mexican   and U.S.   authorities.   He   is   regarded   as   one   of   the   wealthiest   criminals   in   history,   with   an   estimated   net- worth of U.S. $25 billion .
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