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Beyond Reasonable Doubt
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Beyond Reasonable Doubt examines how conspiracy theories developed after publication of the Warren Commission's 1964 report into the circumstances surrounding the JFK assassination. Using the evidence compiled by the commissioners, the authors demonstrate how and why the report was rejected by the American public over the past five decades. The book also provides new and compelling evidence which reveals not only Oswald's guilt, but his clear motive which was never satisfactorily addressed by the Warren investigation. In addition, the book  looks at the way in which conspiracy writers have succeeded in persuading a majority of the American public that Lee Harvey Oswald was either an innocent Patsy or acted in conjunction with others to assassinate the president. In an examination of the modus operandi of conspiracy writers, Ayton and Von Pein reveal how the public was manipulated into accepting conspiracy allegations and of how their theories were built around nothing more than misinterpretations and misrepresentation of the evidence and crude speculation. About the Authors Mel Ayton received his master’s degree in history from Durham University, is a former Fulbright Teacher, deputy head­master, Sirhan Sirhan and the Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. In a review for The Guardian newspaper, he was described as of the few analysts who has fully grasped Middle East connection. Ayton has appeared in documentaries produced by the National Geographic Channel and the Discovery Channel. David Von Pein has been interested in the JFK assassination for over 30 years. He has written extensively on the subject on the Internet and also operates several websites devoted to the assassination, including some sites featuring hundreds of hours of video and audio material associated with the life and death of President Kennedy.
The Warren Report and Lee Harvey Oswald’s Guilt and Motive 50 Years On
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