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WELCOME to Strategic Media Books, LLC. Strategic Media Books is an independent U.S. publisher of original paperback and e-book editions that aims to bring its outstanding publishing program to the widest possible audience. Founded in 2010, Strategic Media Books publishes nonfiction that includes true crime, biography/memoir, business, history/current affairs, and lifestyle, as well as cutting-edge and inspirational fiction. Strategic Media Books also publishes a book series titled “Gangsta Chronicles.” This series focuses on true and gritty stories from the street and the world of crime. Strategic Media Books’ authors have received numerous literary honors and awards, taking many of the industry's top prizes.
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The Rap SheetThe Quarterly Newsletter of Strategic Media Books.
Strategic   Media   Books   has   started   a   book   series   titled   “Gangsta   Chronicles.”   The books   will   focus   on   true   and   gritty   stories   from   the   street   and   the   world   of   crime.   If you   are   an   author   or   an   aspiring   author   of   a   book   that   you   believe   will   fit   this   series, then     Strategic     Media     Books     welcomes     the     submission     of     your     work     for consideration.     Press     the     button     below     to     obtain     information     regarding     our submission policies.
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